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Mobile Curfew

Set a curfew with a time and location for where your child needs to be and when. If they don't check in, you'll be notified!

What this is not:
This is not a tracking application, there are plenty of those available. You can never see anyone else's current location. The only time you will know your child's location is when they check in at the curfew location.

What this is:
This is piece of mind. You no longer need to keep tabs on where your child is or when they'll be home. Stop waiting up for them to get home because you want to make sure they got home safely. Fall asleep on the couch? No big deal, we'll wake you when your child hasn't arrived on time.

Simply set the who, when (child or husband), and where for the curfew. Your child will then need to check in through the app at that location in the specified time window. If they don't check in, your phone will notify you so you can spank them (child or husband), when they get home.

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What Our Customers Say

"Quite possibly the app maker of the millenium."Steve Lobdell
"I'm only moderately bored when I play his games."Vanessa Lobdell


Live Streamer - For YouTube

Stream live video right from your phone to your YouTube channel and chat with your viewers!

Set the title, description, and desired video resolution and you're all set. You're never more than one click away from live streaming to YouTube!

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RTMP Streamer

The most simple rtmp streaming application, for streaming video live from your phone to any rtmp url.

Simply enter the url and select your resolution. From there you're only one click away from live streaming to the rtmp server of your choosing.

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Photo and Panorama Stitcher

This is easiest, fastest, and sexiest photo and panorama stitcher on the market. Stitch your photos together to make one larger photo/panorama!

Three steps:
1.) Tap to begin
2.) Tap the photos you want to stitch
3.) Tap done

That's it! Speed of stitching depends on the device being used. Tested on an iPhone 7 Plus at about 1 second per photo. iPhone 5s at about 8 seconds per photo.

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Advanced Drone Control

This is a next-gen, drone piloting app. If you've ever dreamed of broadcasting your drone's video live to Facebook or YouTube, or taking panoramic photos, then look no further. Compatible with Parrot Bebop, and Bebop 2 drones.

Key Features:
- The same easy touchscreen piloting controls you're already familiar with.
- Full support for MFI compatible gamepads, including full button configuration.
- Toggle buttons for easily changing the camera's orientation, and quick access to flips. No more fumbling around trying to figure out
how to tilt the camera.
- All drone settings and information available at the touch of a button.
- Live Broadcasts - Any device with cellular data can now stream their drone's video feed to Facebook Live or YouTube Live!
*Stream resolutions: 360p (Bebop), 480p or 720p (Bebop 2)
-Panoramic Photos - Activating panoramic photos will tell the drone to take around 20 pictures in 360 degrees from wherever it's hovering. Once transferred to your device, you can stitch them together in the app to make awesome panoramic photos in seconds!

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Swipe It - The original swipe game

Test your reflexes and agility in this amazing game of arrow swiping. Contains four modes Classic, Memory, Speed, and Time...each equally guaranteed to blow your mind and senses. Talk is cheap, play the game.

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