• Steve Lobdell
    Mobile Application Developer

What's New

Crypto Address Book

Finally!!! store all your alt coin wallet addresses in one place!

This is not a wallet. This is simply a place to type or scan in all your addresses from your wallets and exchanges, for easy access.

No more need to go to your home computer, online exchange, or phone app just to find one address; now you have them all in one place!

Download Crypto Address Book


What Our Customers Say

"Quite possibly the app maker of the millenium."Steve Lobdell
"I'm only moderately bored when I play his games."Vanessa Lobdell


Live Streamer - For YouTube

Stream live video right from your phone to your YouTube channel and chat with your viewers!

Set the title, description, and desired video resolution and you're all set. You're never more than one click away from live streaming to YouTube!

Download Live Streamer

RTMP Streamer

The most simple rtmp streaming application, for streaming video live from your phone to any rtmp url.

Simply enter the url and select your resolution. From there you're only one click away from live streaming to the rtmp server of your choosing.

Download Live Streamer

Photo and Panorama Stitcher

This is easiest, fastest, and sexiest photo and panorama stitcher on the market. Stitch your photos together to make one larger photo/panorama!

Three steps:
1.) Tap to begin
2.) Tap the photos you want to stitch
3.) Tap done

That's it! Speed of stitching depends on the device being used. Tested on an iPhone 7 Plus at about 1 second per photo. iPhone 5s at about 8 seconds per photo.

Download Photo Stitcher

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